STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Getting Down In Parkas

Style Advice of the Week

The past few days have been in the single, sometimes even negative, digits here in Massachusetts. Consequently, students have been sacrificing style for warmth, and rightfully so! Frostbite is very real and very possible when scurrying from class to class, not even to mention venturing out at night! The traditional peacoat and infinity scarf combination can only get you so warm, and sometimes you just need a little extra warmth. To help you in your wintery waltz around campus, a down jacket is the perfect outer layer. They may not be the most flattering of jacket choices, but it definitely remains somewhat chic and definitely warm. This week’s Fashionista definitely knows that a parka is the perfect jacket in these frigid months.

H&M recently had a fabulous collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela. In particular, there was one jacket that exactly resembled a somewhat fitted bed comforter. What could be better? Those early morning classes will be made that much more bearable if it feels like you never left your bed! This Fashionista has a more toned-down, real-world version of this exceedingly comfortable design.

One of the most popular versions of this coat on campus is The North Face version, which can be found here. This Fashionista, however, proves that there are definite alternatives — some with even a fur-lined hood for even more warmth.

Whether you are daring enough for a full-length down coat, or choose the more understated cropped version, this jacket is sure to trap the heat and keep it in there.



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