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One classic trend that will always be in style is red, white and blue. This can be a trend to represent our country and show the spirit and pride we have for the USA but it is also a very popular trend when it comes to fashion. This trend has been around for ages and I don’t think it will ever really go out of style, so if you are ever contemplating buying that red and white striped tank, buy it because it will look great with blue shorts or boyfriend jeans.

This Fashionista is very on trend with her casual J.Crew half button-down and her red shorts. The chino red shorts really complete the look because it gives her outfit the nautical look. This outfit is great for walking around town or shopping on the weekends in the summer if there is a light breeze. The great thing about J.Crew’s shirts like this is that they are very lightweight so you don’t have to worry about being too hot when wearing them in the summer. Her navy Longchamp bag is a great staple to her outfit because it still goes along with the nautical theme and is also very practical. The great thing about these purses is that they are very plain so they go with everything and also fit so much stuff. They are a great investment and I highly recommend purchasing one because you can literally use it for any occasion. She also hit it right on with the tan sandals because any other color would have ruined the look she was going for. If she wanted to dress this outfit up for the evening she could do it by simply adding a bold red lip.

WHAT’S YOUR STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If I want to go shopping on a nice hot day my main concern is being comfortable. I know that if I wear J.Crew’s button-downs I will be very comfy but also feel stylish too. I love the nautical look and it is so easy to pull off because I have so many navy and white items in my wardrobe.”


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