STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Get Bangs Now. Oh and Some Tribal Pants.

Style Advice of the Week

Today I had one of those moments where I glanced over to my right and then immediately did a double take as I saw this weeks Fashionista hanging out in her chic haircut and Madewell slingback sandals. If there is one thing that always gets me it’s a great haircut, and this is no exception. As a girl who has to call 10 people before deciding to trim her bangs every fall, I find that summer should not limit the ability to rock great fringe.

To go against the tradition of letting your hair grow out for the hot months, I challenge you this time around to maintain the cut you got in the winter, or venture out and actually take the plunge into the wonderful world of bangs. To pull off a look as trendy as this week’s Fashionista’s, I recommend getting some thick fringe that is longer at the sides of your face to frame it and a bit shorter in the middle.The lightness of the bangs at the center will allow them to naturally fall to the sides of your face giving you that new wave Brigitte Bardot sort of look; this will prevent you from cursing the skies when your forehead gets hot and sweaty mid day, and you start to look more like one of the Beatles after a magical mystery tour. I guarantee that you’ll be one of the few Fashionistas bold enough to take on this role, and your haircut will stand out among the masses of highlights and middle parts.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the rest of her outfit.

To recreate the entire look take a risk and go for those funky pants you’ve been eyeing at the mall and if you can only find leggings, well then you have my permission to wear them as pants. (There is a fine line here so listen closely; please make sure they are not see through, and make sure they aren’t too tight.) I would pair them with a simple top, however take the advice of our featured Fashionista and do an interesting material or cut.

I mean at this point you’re already wearing tribal leggings as pants so you might as well keep pushing the limits. American Apparel has great options, and you can find the one our Fashionista is wearing there. If you’re wondering what kind of accessories to pair with such a sartorial endeavor, a rustic satchel or backpack would be a great addition and very minimal, similarly rustic accessories, such as a nice brown leather watch with some gold accents would definitely seal the deal.

Over all, the lesson we should take this week is that some risks pay off in the end, so get those bangs, put on some rad bottoms and make people do a double take at you.


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