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As summer slowly approaches, we have many things to look forward to. School is coming to an end. No more restless nights studying for finals and writing essays. There’s more time to travel, visit old friends and spend time with family. However, there’s one thing that some of us might not look forward to and that’s the heat. Some love the hot weather, I know I do. However, when the weather gets to around 90 degrees like it has been for a couple of days in Southern California, there isn’t much motivation to look cute. It’s very tempting to go out in something simple and basic, just to survive the heat.

This Fashionista showed that just because it’s hot outside, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. You can still look refreshed and put together. Maxi dresses are in trend right now for a number of reasons. They are comfortable, yet you look put together, fantastic and chic. They are simple, yet elegant and casual. This Fashionista’s maxi dress stands out because of the print and the texture. The geometric design gives the dress a cool vibe. While the ruffled gathering at the bust gives her figure a secure, flattering fit. Since the dress is tight on the top, this allows the rest of the dress to be lose, which is perfect as you won’t feel constricted and will feel every fresh breeze that comes your way.

Sandals are the most sensible shoes for the summer. They are effortless and you don’t have to worry about tying laces or your feet feeling suffocated. Her flat gladiator sandals add an extra level of comfort. However, it makes her outfit look more put together in comparison to wearing flip-flops. Since the dress has a lot of color, you don’t want the shoes to take away from that. By opting for a nude shoe, they don’t clash with the dress even if they have a braided texture.

If there is one staple piece to have in your wardrobe this summer, it’s a maxi dress. It doesn’t matter what color, print or texture it has, maxi dresses are sure to be in trend all season. But if you aren’t comfortable wearing a bold print, go for a monochromatic maxi. By only having one color, you can still look casual and elegant without worrying about your dress competing with other aspects of your outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort should be first. Keep it simple and unique.”


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