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Alright, I can’t complain. Here on the West Coast, we haven’t gotten much snow. You don’t see too many people bundled up in every piece of warm clothing they own. But nonetheless, it’s still Canada and still chilly! In these cold times, Fashionistas, the key is to stay stylish and warm. Don’t let the cold weather hinder your style. So look no further than the trusty fur coat, which almost guarantees you warmth and sophistication.

There is this certain aura surrounding the fur (whether it is real or faux). We tend to associate the fur coat with luxury and elegance, and a piece that can only be worn on the most glamorous occasions. But its special occasion roots do not hold it down. The fur coat has made its mark on the streets and more and more Fashionistas are giving the classic fur coat a go.

When wearing it on a day-to-day basis, the key to incorporating fur is to keep the look simple. The fur is the attraction of the entire outfit so you don’t need other demanding pieces to be coupled with it. If you’re going for a put together look, match the fur coat with similar clothing and accessories. However, if you want to go outside of the box and create a more trendy and off-balanced look, then work in an opposite array of clothing and accessories that will give your outfit a new and lively personality.

What this Fashionista does with her fur coat is a great example of keeping the look simple, yet chic. She is wearing a cream colour vintage fur coat she picked up in sunny Palm Springs. The style and cut of her coat are spot on. The mid-length that hits just around her hips is classic and flattering. She pairs the coat with black denim skinny ankle jeans from Current/Elliott, which she tucks into a pair of Alaska Harness Boots from Topshop. To add a more casual touch alongside the standout fur, the Fashionista wears a light blue denim shirt from J.Crew underneath the coat, which is ideal for the more relaxed look going into a morning lecture. And the final detailing of the outfit comes in the form of a gorgeous vintage Dooney & Bourke leather bag.

What is so great about this outfit is that she wears all the right basics to accompany the dashing fur coat in a simple, yet alluring way. I love the hint of edge she gives to the outfit with the dark denim and harness boots. I think it’s also important to note that this Fashionista incorporates three major trends into her outfit: fur, black and leather.

So remember Fashionistas, there are no longer restrictions with the fur coat. This Fashionista’s outfit shows that you can pull off wearing the fur coat with any style. From grunge to sports luxe, the fur coat is now an option for any outfit.


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