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Dressing for day and night together is one of the most convenient ways to dress up in college. Yes, finding the right outfit suitable for both can be difficult, but once you’ve found it you’ll have no regrets. Transitioning through your day can be easy if you take tips from your very own CollegeFashionista.

Our Fashionista’s outfit is glamorous all the way from her print flare dress to her fur pieces. I love how fur can glam up any simple outfit. Think of some of the most glamorous women in movie scenes and a fur coat undoubtedly comes to mind, from Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.  And the most important thing about fur is that it is suitable for both day and night; it takes you from cozy during the daytime to glamorous old Hollywood at night. Our Fashionista shows us exactly how chic it looks as she sports her fur collar coat.

Extra glam calls for extra fur. Don’t you just envy her fur purse? I like that she wasn’t afraid to go the extra fur-mile with her accessory, it makes her outfit even dressier.

To top her fabulous outfit off, she pairs it with black flats. Black flats are comfortable and versatile and are a great way for her to keep her outfit simple enough for the daytime. You can always switch it up at night by pairing your outfit with black pumps and you are good to go.

Our Fashionista’s outfit is a great example of a perfect day to night outfit. It’s dressy enough for you to wow anyone during dinner or a party, yet comfortable and simple enough to get to class just in time for your first lecture.


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