STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Frozen and Fabulous

Style Advice of the Week

In a sea of puffer coats, peacoats and leather jackets, this boho beauty really caught my eye. Looking around campus, feverishly searching for a fabulous Fashionista/o to capture my attention for my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK was a much more difficult feat than I would have thought. Usually, there are millions of stylish students to pick from, but on a bitter cold morning, all that was visible around campus was the skin between everyone’s chin and forehead (except for the occasional student in shorts and a T-shirt, for some strange reason). Bundled up was not even the appropriate phrase to do it justice. So I continued my search, keeping my eyes open for an eye-catching coat or maybe some cute snowboots, but I soon felt that my luck was running out. Until, this Fashionista in her sunglass spectacles caught my eye and saved the day.

Sure, many choose being warm over dressing cute on days when the wind chill is below zero, but Fashionistas/os—it is possible to do both! This Fashionista kept her sense of style incorporated into her wintery armor by adding a few simple accessories. She keeps her whole look pretty neutral, but spices up her outfit with a patterned scarf. Another standout feature of her ensemble is her pair of circular Ray-Ban sunglasses, which added a degree of coolness and an element of playfulness; not many passers-by will be focused on her parka when she is sporting her vintage shades! But, my absolute favorite part of her entire outfit is her bright lip color. The pop of color just takes the entire style of the ensemble up a notch.

Think about it… when you’re getting ready with your friends to go out on the town and you decide to wear that little black dress, what really caps off that outfit? Killer heels and bright lipstick. The same procedure can be used on a daily basis, and I absolutely love that this Fashionista utilized it on such a cold day, because to me, it showed that she put in a little extra effort getting ready in the morning (when it realistically only took her a minute).

Don’t let the winter blues get you down, think of the snowy weather as a challenge and persevere! It’s up to you, Fashionistas/os, to bridge the gap and stylishly conquer the arctic tundra, and there’s no better time to start than now.


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