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Every season, it is no surprise when we start to see floral patterns incorporated into clothing items in the stores and on the streets. Around this time of the year, the two are synonymous with one another. Although a floral trend can be seen as a bit of a cliché during the spring, there are so many ways to reinvent this trend and make it your own. This Fashionista, for example, wears floral in an edgy way. She is definitely not afraid to mix her girly and rebel sides into one look that stands out from all the rest.

Not very often do I find a time when an outfit mixed with black and multicolored accents turns out to be my favorite color combo. However, after spotting this Fashionista on campus, her dress proved my previous notion wrong. I think what’s working best here is that the floral pattern is presented on a large scale, leaving the black fabric plenty of room to break up the pattern and give the eye something to look at. The bright colors against the black fabric stand out vibrantly.

Floral patterns can be seen as a very girly statement. This Fashionista proves that with the right color combo and matching accessories, it doesn’t always have to be so feminine. You can still incorporate floral patterns into your wardrobe while showing off your edgy side. To complete her look, this Fashionista pairs her floral dress with sheer black tights and studded black combat boots.

If edgy isn’t exactly the twist you’re looking for, get inspiration from designers like Dolce&Gabbana and Christian Dior, who shows new ways to wear this pattern in their spring 2014 collections.


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