STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Florals and Stripes and Color, Oh My!

Style Advice of the Week

And it’s the final countdown! Less than one month of winter and it is finally spring! Spring as in blooming flowers, buzzing bees and, most importantly, the time where it is finally ok to eat ice cream in public! Don’t get too excited Fashionistas/os because it is not spring yet. We still have to tackle these three unpredictable weeks in style, and I have found a Fashionista who has done just that.

Brace yourselves, my friends. These next few weeks approaching spring are anything but easy. On the East Coast, we are known for our unpredictable weather patterns this time of year. To prepare for battle, the best advice I can give is to mix, match and pull. This Fashionista does this effortlessly. The art of mixing, matching and pulling is being able to take clothes from every section in your closet and make them into a cohesive outfit. This prepares you for any event and gives your outfit a unique twist.

The mixing, matching and pulling method goes much further than taking a bunch of pieces from your closet that are all different from each other and throwing them on. When combining different patterns and colors into one outfit like this Fashionista, it is crucial to consider contrast and texture. This Fashionista’s scarf is a perfect representation of texture. The scarf is layered and has a bright pattern. The layering brings out the color of the scarf, which immediately brings your eye to that part of the body. When you get dressed, always consider where you want to be noticed and where you may or may not want to be, and accessorize accordingly.

This Fashionista also does a great job of combining patterns and colors. The combination creates a gorgeous contrast that almost made me do a double take. When you attempt this, it is important to know your limits. Contrast definitely makes you stand out, but then again we do not want to be that girl in the leopard pants and bright yellow crop top. This Fashionista went for a combination of solids and patterns, which is exactly what I would recommend. Too many patterns or bright colors can often take an outfit overboard. However, you never know until you try.

Usually, I have a strict “no leggings” policy. This Fashionista proved me wrong. Creating such an elegant top modernized the leggings. Also, adding knee-high boots gave this Fashionista height, which gave the outfit an overall sophistication.

I am not going to lie — these three weeks are not going to be sunshine and roses (literally). This is survival mode. However, nobody said survival could not be done in style. Take initiative. Try the mix, match and pull method, and in no time I will be blogging about something that is not gloves and a hat!


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