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Birds are chirping, flowers are beginning to bloom, giant bunnies are found in every mall and pastel colors have hit the stores. After an extremely long winter, spring is finally here! Well—sort of. Lately, Mother Nature has just skipped spring all together and gone straight to summer. With temperatures reaching almost 90 degrees, it is hard to believe classes got cancelled for snow just a couple of months ago.

When the weather gets this nice I immediately wear anything floral print. Okay, so maybe it’s a little cliché that I wait until spring hits to really bring out this pattern. Although it may smell like laundry detergent instead of its actual flower counterpart, you can’t get better than a good floral printed item. This trend is in full bloom—see what I did there—for the season and I’m taking complete advantage of it. This Fashionista is embracing spring with her wardrobe. Her floral dress is fun and perfect for the nice weather we’ve been having. It’s important to remember that this pattern doesn’t always have to be so light and feminine. Of course there is a feminine touch—flowers, duh—but darker floral prints add a bit of edge to an ensemble.

She completes her ensemble with a light open-knit sweater, purple socks and combat boots. I am a little too obsessed with the “sweater over dress” look. It’s amazing. Take your favorite sweater, put it over a dress and voilà! —you have a completely different and new look.

This week I urge you to stop and smell the roses. Kidding, you can do that if you have anytime between classes. With a college kid’s busy schedule, when you don’t have the time for real flowers bring the flowers to your outfit. This corny love quote actually applies to this, “Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.” I believe that wearing a floral print definitely counts as decorating your soul.


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