STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Flirty Skirts And Simple Stripes

Style Advice of the Week

Baring your legs for the first time after months of heavy layering can always be an unexpected adjustment. My usual shorts-and-a-T-shirt look made its first appearance on campus last week and I felt as if I forgot to wear clothes altogether. Thankfully, modest knee-length and mid-calf skirts are emerging everywhere this season, making the overnight change from Kansas snow to heat a smoother transition.

This week’s Fashionista strategically wore her bright, floral skirt to class on a day winds graciously fell below 30 mph; a factor that should always be considered before wearing skirts. I admire her ability to dress relative to the weather (it changes every two hours, it’s almost impossible), but I can’t help but appreciate the way she incorporates two spring trends into one outfit. Her vibrant skirt is season-appropriate and mixed with another popular pattern: stripes. I’ve always struggled with matching prints, so this Fashionista gave me a quick lesson to help me avoid overdoing it.

When picking patterns, think of one as the foreground and the second as the background. In other words, one pattern should be most prominent while the latter is strictly a supplement. Here she wears a basic horizontal striped top with a skinny, gold belt and a coral statement necklace to add detail and showcase her breezy skirt. As if I wasn’t already impressed, she later revealed to me that her skirt is actually an old strapless dress under her shirt. This is an easy, budget-friendly way to try these trends if you haven’t done your spring shopping. For patterns in general, try dividing your closet into basic and bold prints and start mixing and matching from there!


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