STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Flirting With Spring

Style Advice of the Week

Growing up, each year when spring rolled around my mom would make my siblings and I switch our closets over from winter wear to summer clothes.  Today, I’m much less organized. Instead of having separate wardrobes for each season, my entire collection of clothes is stuffed in my closet year-round. Although this may come off as lazy, it’s actually quite practical in today’s fashion world.

While there are many apparel items that will forever be designated to one particular season, the majority of your wardrobe can be worn all year! Fashionistas know that there is no need to wait for Mother Nature’s permission to wear whatever you’d like.

This Fashionista is definitely not letting the snow on the ground hinder her style. After months of sweaters, boots and jeans, she decided to mix it up by donning a pair of studded denim shorts. She flawlessly applies this summer staple to her winter wardrobe by layering her trendy shorts over a pair of sheer black tights. She dips back into her summer clothes by tucking in a lightweight, olive T-shirt into her denim shorts.

Although this Fashionista is clearly yearning for spring, the weather outside must have some control on her ensemble. She mixes and matches summer with winter by layering a warm, cream colored cardigan over her olive T-shirt. Even though her ensemble is comprised of basics, she is sure to show the world a hint of her personal style by adding some flair to her look.

Black combat boots, an essential item this season, have been parading around campus by the hundreds. Rather than blending in with the masses, she chose to make a statement by topping off her look with a unique pair of combat boots. The sparkly silver addition to her combat boots allows her to be on trend while still making a bold fashion statement. She continues to reveal her personal style by donning a pair of embellished shorts. The studs around the pocket of her shorts give this ensemble just the right amount of edginess. Like most Fashionistas, she knows that no outfit is complete without accessories. Before stepping out of the door, she added a unique silver eagle necklace to finish off her look.

Fashion gives us the ability to communicate—it is its own form of language. The message that this fashion ensemble communicates is that there is no need to limit your wardrobe based on the season. By using techniques such as mixing-and-matching and layering, you can choose to wear anything at anytime. This Fashionista teaches us that just because Mother Nature isn’t ready for spring, doesn’t mean that fashion can’t be!


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