STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Flip-Flops And Floppy Hats

Style Advice of the Week

Looking for a new, fashionable look for the summer that is funky yet functional? One trend that is really in style right now is the floppy hat. This type of hat is a great investment because you can wear it basically anywhere. On the beach to keep you from getting too much sun or wearing with a cute dress out on the town, this hat is pretty and practical.

This Fashionista rocks her floppy hat in a feminine yet chic way. Her patterned hat goes great with the blush crop top and white shorts and is a great completion to her outfit. The statement necklace is a great addition because it matches her top perfectly. Flip-flops are probably the best shoes to wear with a floppy hat like this because it gives the outfit a casual, beachy feel. Another option could be strappy or gladiator sandals. This Fashionista is currently headed out to a casual dinner with her family and they are planning to walk around the town for a little while before. The hat was a great idea because it will keep the sun out of her eyes while also making her look very stylish. Not only is the hat purposeful, but it looks great on too.

I think the best thing about the floppy hat trend is that they come in all different colors and textures. The straw floppy hat has been in style for much longer than any other pattern but it is great to see so many new versions of the hat. The black floppy hat is also really popular because it really matches any outfit. I’d suggest wearing it with a maxi dress or maxi skirt with a cropped top because it would add a fun personality to the look. When looking at floppy hats on the Internet, I came across these, which I thought were very trendy because of the monogrammed stitching on the side. Monograms are very in right now. With a lot of people wearing the monogrammed necklaces so what about a monogrammed straw hat?  When wearing a monogrammed floppy hat, I would make my outfit more simplistic with a plain tank or tee or even a fitted dress.

WHAT IS YOUR STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “This summer is going to be a hot one so my biggest suggestion is to purchase a floppy hat because not only will they protect your face and hair from getting too much color on a hot day at the beach but they are also a great statement piece to complete any outfit!”


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