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As finals start to wrap up, the smiles start to appear with the anticipation of summer and graduation on all of the senior’s faces. For freshman, the end of the year is just as exciting as it was for them last June when they couldn’t wait for summer vacation. The sophomores will be glad they’re officially halfway there, and for the juniors the end of the year to them just means one more year; one more year of all–nighters and classes with exams that they’ll never understand why they needed in the first place. Until then they will head home for the summer and look forward to their final return in the fall. As for seniors, this time of year is when they experience many lasts, and for the first time start to realize why everyone tells you not to rush those days because you’re going to wish they hadn’t gone by so fast.

On a beautiful sunny Monday morning in May, this Fashionisto was spotted dressed quite nicely in school pride. He wore a classic pair of straight-legged denim jeans with a soft pastel green button-down. I personally love that he wore navy blue loafers versus a plain sneaker. Sometimes I think men forget that the shoe can really make or break an outfit and keeping this outfit casual yet professional is what this Fashionisto did here. Sporting his Western Connecticut State University Student Government Association jacket was a nice added touch, and of course being the President makes the jacket that much better. For this Fashionisto, senioritis may have gotten to him in the classroom, but certainly not in his wardrobe.

Maybe you’re a freshman who got dressed for the first week of classes, or you spent your sophomore and junior years contemplating which party or social event to wear that amazing new top and jeans to, but just couldn’t decide so you wore a friends outfit instead. As a senior, the fashion has probably changed since the day you stepped on campus. That shirt you wore to your first college party is probably no longer in your closet, or at least let’s hope it’s no longer in your closet. Over time your wardrobe transitions from college hoodies, club and Greek organization tees and all those shirts you wore out that you were never sure if your mother would have approved, your more age-appropriate attire will take over and those clothes too will become just a memory. As your fashion changes over you’re college years, you do as well. Saying goodbye to all those great organizations you were a part of and the people you grew to know and love or even love to hate will become memories. Because, in the words of Project Runway: “As you know, in fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out.” Finally free.


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