STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fight Cold Weather Blues

Style Advice of the Week

Finally, boot season has arrived and I can’t be more excited. Say goodbye to UGGs. Different trends are emerging this year. Today, edgy cut-out kicks and pointy high-heeled booties are replacing UGGs in the market. Clearly, street fashion is influencing the industry. With winter quickly approaching, are you ready for this season’s layers?

As I was enjoying the morning looking for street fashion muses, I noticed people already holding Starbucks’ holiday coffee and wearing fall attire. Apparently, ’tis the season for layers. However, I was not particularly inspired by the simple basics most people wore, like leggings and long sleeved T-shirts. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this Fashionisto walking out of a coffee shop. He cleverly dressed in a muted color palette of grays, browns and other complementing pops of color. Moreover, he played with multiple textures and prints that pulled together his look. In detail, his plaid flat cap kindly complemented his largely printed loose scarf. Accenting the outfit with gray oxfords, I give major kudos to this Fashionisto.

Honestly, I can relate to people wearing simple basics. Having already mentioned in my STYLE GURU BIO, I was one of them. Today, I still wear basics, but I do add my own touch to every outfit. Like this Fashionisto, I love playing with prints that complement colors. I learned you can add interest by mixing pieces in a clever way. What I do is stick to a certain color palette, but either choose different textures or prints to create intrigue. For example, the other day I wore an oversized popcorn sweater adorned with Aztec mosaics and a small printed polka-dot tank tucked inside black skinnies. The reason why my outfit worked is because of the neutral color palette.

With Icona Pop blasting in my headphones and coffee at hand, I already struggle to keep awake for my 8 a.m. classes. I just don’t have energy to think about school, not to mention my outfit. However, winter fashion is quickly approaching and my inner Fashionista says no to long T-shirts and tights. With a little budget for a shopping spree, I will look for statement pieces containing clever prints and interesting textures that add interest to simple basics. No longer dreading winter fashion, my cold weather blues are cured. Winter has never looked so appealing. What new additions will you add to your cold weather wardrobe?


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