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As the semester seems to fly by, I find myself with increasingly less time to plan out what I will be wearing the next day. If I’m honest, I often find myself throwing on whatever happens to be strewn across my floor. It is so tempting to throw on the same old pair of jeans and sweater and call it a day. I yearn for clothing that is comfortable, yet fashionable. The best solution to this dilemma? Tribal pants! Functional, yet chic, they are the essence of comfort and fashion in one and are a great addition to any closet.

This Fashionista transformed her simple tank and cardigan into a fresh and exotic outfit by throwing red and black tribal pants into the mix. To ensure that the outfit did not get too crazy, she stuck with items which were in a similar color group. Her black sweater and black graphic tank, paired with gray TOMS, allow for the red in her pants to truly stand out. The simplicity of the outfit was continued in this Fashionista’s sleek pony tail hairstyle.

Recreating this outfit requires little effort. The first step to remaking this outfit is finding a pair of tribal pants which suit your personal style. Most tribal pants are fairly affordable, and I have found that Urban Outfitters seems to have the best selection. In addition to having a killer pair of tribal pants, a basic tank or T-shirt is required. I love how cheap and affordable the tank tops at Target are. The last item to tie together the outfit is a cardigan; H&M carries a variety of styles.

Spicing up your outfit does not have to be complicated. A basic item to freshen things up, like tribal pants, is an easy and affordable way to switch things up. The best part about tribal pants is that they can fit anyone’s personal style and, most importantly, are comfortable. Tribal pants are simple, functional and fashionable… you can’t go wrong!


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