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As the holidays have drawn to a close, the New Year brings promise of change through a variety of resolutions. Many choose to ditch old habits and almost everyone wants to lose weight. While these are awesome goals, who’s to say your resolution can’t include becoming more confident with who you already are? Take some time to consider the feature you like most or believe sets you apart from the rest. Is it your luscious locks, the hue of your skin or the depth of color in your eyes? Through the choice of specific pieces, my best friend and fellow green-eyed Fashionista is able to successfully accentuate her naturally beautiful oculi. In following a few simple rules, you too can highlight your best feature with finesse and ease.

Like this Fashionista, start your look with basic neutrals (blacks, grays, navys). Then, choose one piece from the guidelines below to accent your feature of choice.

Your skin is the winner? First, identify its undertone. Sitting in front of the mirror with plenty of natural light is often the easiest test. Still unsure? Hold gold (better against darker complexions) and silver (better against fairer complexions) jewelry up to your skin to help determine whether you have a warm, neutral or cool undertone. As warm undertones are complemented by warm colors (reds, oranges, browns) cool undertones look great against cool colors (pinks, purples or blues). Neutral complexions can choose to sway towards one or the other, yet also have the privilege of wearing both warm and cool colors. You have darker skin but your favorite color is pastel pink? Don’t worry! “Warm” and “cool” are only references, which can be applied through different hues of the same color to satisfy your colorful needs.

Blonde, brunette or redhead, you’ve decided your hair is the best feature on you. Blondes can pull of all pastels, while brunettes and redheads are best in true reds, blues and greens. While considering your overall color, you should also spend some time to determine if you have any lowlights or highlights. These extra tones split the three main categories into lighter and darker subcategories: blondes in cool platinum or warm honey, brunettes warm with auburn or cool ash brown and redheads that are bright orange or deep red. For warm subcategories chose warm versions of the colors suggested for your main category. The same goes for cool. Remember, warm and cool don’t just refer to different colors but hues!

While not as drastic to others, you notice that wearing certain colors changes the appearance of your eye color. If you have baby blues, gold/brown pieces or makeup should be worn to make your eyes pop. Green-eyed beauties go well with lavenders and violets, while brown-eyed babes look best in greens. Instead of complementing your eyes with different colors, you could also display your eyes with a piece that matches them, such as this Fashioinsta’s green sweater. Can’t decide? Mix and match the rules for a look that emphasizes all three!


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