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Have you ever thought that wearing fur would amp up your outfit or add some jazz to your wardrobe? You were right if you thought that. I’m kind of loving people getting fur and adding it as a statement piece to their outfits. Faux fur, of course, mainly for two reasons. The first is because I’m an animal lover and can’t think of hurting animals for fashion. The second, real fur costs a pretty penny. I know that any pretty penny I have is going toward my rent or the next Ramen Noodle Soup. So going with faux fur not only saves animals, but saves money too.

I think fur should be considered a statement, not a staple. Only because you shouldn’t wear fur all the time. You should wear it to fun events or on a vacation in a city that would appreciate your fashion sense. I love fur with a couple of different things. You can be like this week’s Fashionista and have a coat that has fur lined around the collar for a different look. Or you could try something different and have a fur scarf added to the look. Fur is a statement piece that adds sophistication and classiness. Anytime I think of fur scarves, I think of Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada when she is in Paris and has on a black leather, body con dress and tops the look off with a black fur scarf. Another fun way to wear a fur scarf is to wear a fur snood. A snood is similar to a scarf but it does not need any styling to it. All you do is pop it over your head and head out the door. Simple, easy and you are totally pulling the fur look off.


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