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Every Fashionista has that must-have item of the season. Depending on the weather, we all have that one piece of clothing, accessory or shoe that can be worn with just about anything. When the cold weather comes around, there is always one shoe that will always be in style: boots. Whether they are tall, short or heeled, boots can go along with just about any outfit. However, this fall it’s about time we take a fashion risk. Although we have become accustomed to pairing our boots with a pair of jeans or pants, it is time we all try something new.

Despite the cold weather, summer dresses can still be a functional item in your wardrobe. How is this possible? Well, by pairing your favorite cold weather boot with the dress. Thanks to boots, our wardrobes have now become a lot more versatile. Instead of putting away those summertime dresses, we can now keep them around a little longer.

There are countless ways of pairing boots and dresses. This Fashionista is a great example of how to pair a tall boot and a flowing summer dress. Her tall leather boots cover her just enough to keep her warm, but don’t be afraid to show some skin along with your dress. In addition to this, she layered with a light jacket as well. To get more of an edgy look, try wearing a pair of combat boots and a loose fitting baby doll dress. To keep your legs warm you can always accessorize with a pair of stylish knee high socks. These are just some of the numerous ways of pairing boots and dresses.

There is one thing you might want to consider when choosing which dress goes with which shoe. For example, you need to consider the length of the dress and the boot. Try not to put a long dress and a tall pair of boots together. But despite this one rule, don’t be afraid to try this new look for fall. Boots were made for this purpose. Whether it is an oversized sweater dress or a flowing summer frock, boots will compliment just about anything.


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