STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fade Out Like A Photograph

Style Advice of the Week

The most consistent thing about New York City weather is its inconsistency. Here we are in spring, and it is still questionable to leave your building without something covering your shoulders. Well, as we await the glorious sunshine-filled summer, we can take advantage of the more mild temperatures to play with layering.

I have heard so many people say that the ombré trend is “over,” and yet it keeps coming back. I think this Fashionista absolutely rocks the ombré trend. I love that the gradation isn’t too abrupt, and the colors truly fade into each other. Also, the material of the jacket is just begging to be ombréd. It’s a little more structured and is very refined fuzziness. The zippers for the pockets are placed a little higher and are almost completely vertical, creating a cool visual effect.

I really love how this look puts all of the emphasis on the jacket. The LBD is spot on with this look. The fitted top and the flowy bottom is the perfect shape to go underneath the jacket. It also enhances the contrast to the top of the jacket and really makes it stand out. This Fashionista was smart to pair some neutral shoes, which lighten up the look and mirror the top of the jacket. Finally, this look wouldn’t be complete without the beauty elements— sleek straight hair and red lips.

If you want to try the ombré trend for yourself, think beyond the popular hair trend. Try to incorporate the look into pieces like jackets, scarves— even denim. Be sure to complement your piece with some more neutral pieces so that they can really stand out! And most of all, if someone says a trend is “over” and you love it, wear it anyway! Fashion is all about expressing your point of view, and if it were the same as everyone else’s, we would live in a very boring world.


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