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It’s near the end of school, which means finals, stress eating and a big farewell to sleep. Following school nears the end of my internship, and I can’t express how much I learned from writing this column. More importantly, I have grown a greater appreciation for street fashion, especially in Austin, Texas.

My hometown is stereotypical Suburbia, Texas. The normal outfit consisted of T-shirts, denim washed jeans and a pair of Vans. Of course there’s nothing wrong with basics; some designers are known for minimalism. However, what is wrong is the lack of expression and personality that individuals fail to show. In Austin, I see a diversity of styles from bohemian to preppy. I appreciate the contrast in individuals’ style and tastes.

As I was contemplating these thoughts, I stumbled upon this Fashionisto. Although wearing basics, his outfit had interesting details that I would call whimsical. He paired simple rolled denim shorts with a polka-dot tank, a black patent messenger bag and mint green shoes. He exuded a certain confidence in his look that subtly caught people’s attention.

Unlike this Fashionisto, I at one point in time didn’t exude this confidence. To my embarrassment, I followed the norms back at home. Thankfully, I’ve grown to add my personality to my wardrobe. If I happen to wear a fedora with a lace vest and a long maxi skirt, I will rock it. If I happen to wear a basic T-shirt and high-waisted mom jeans, I will rock it also. As long as you make an outfit fitting to your personality, who cares?

Growth is good but don’t forget stick to your aesthetic. Like many others, sometimes I get stuck into trends and, well, some weren’t particularly figure flattering. To quote my favorite pop vocalist Ellie Goulding: “They gonna see us from outer space; light it up, like we’re the stars of the human race.” Find your voice and express yourself through clothes. You’ll be surprised at how powerful the difference makes. I definitely was.


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