STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Evergreen Enchantment

Style Advice of the Week

While the weather has been less than ideal this past week, it seems that rain boots are the only thing that are a definite to our daily outfits. We’ve spent the last five days with hoods over our heads and our favorite umbrellas in our purses and backpacks here at PSU. The gray clouds and chilly weather match our not-so happy attitudes especially during the first week of classes. While trekking to my last class in this terrible weather, I found this Fashionista that hit the nail on the head with her rainy day wardrobe.

The number one thing that caught my attention was the evergreen oversized sweater this Fashionista was wearing. Not only was it the perfect size to rock the “baggy sweater” look, but the color is also a total hit this season. Oversized sweaters have been a popular item since the cold weather has hit and it’s safe to say it is one of my favorites as well. Even though I am an advocate for leggings and riding boots to pair with this type of sweater, I also love one with denim skinnies and a pointed toe pump.

It is obvious that this sweater can be worn several ways and I love how this Fashionista put her own twist on it. The textured shorts with tights are a great way to keep your summer shorties around, and the knee-high leg warmers are a nice addition for winter.  I think knee-highs and warmers should be in every Fashionista’s closet and now they even have one-piece tights that create the same look! She upped her outfit by adding some additional pieces as well. The simple paired gold necklaces give a subtle accent to the sweater and her beat up combats are the perfect boot for the day. Her solid black beanie definitely gives her some warmth while heading to class and I think we can all agree on how cute it looks. Since she was on her way to class, this Fashionista didn’t carry the usual plain backpack but instead had a matching emerald leather one slug over her shoulders.

To deal with a rainy day on the Happy Valley campus, try an oversized sweater and make it your own. It’s fun to see what you can pair with it to create a look that is unique to your style and can fight the weather as well. This Fashionista definitely accomplished this and I know all you Fashionistas out there can do the same!


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