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The one aspect of fashion that has always fascinated me is the fact that fashion repeats itself throughout history. Trends, regardless of when they peaked, never fail to make their way back into modern-day spotlight. For example, in 2009 to 2010, fashion from the ‘80s was extremely popular. People wore oversized sweaters, leggings, and neon colors so often that my mom told me she regretted donating all of her ‘80s clothes. Nowadays, ‘60s and ‘70s fashion is in style and I couldn’t be more excited since it is my personal favorite era of fashion. This week’s Fashionista stole my heart for that very reason.

On top, this Fashionista wore a beautiful white and blue embroidered peasant blouse from Free People underneath an oxblood faux leather jacket from Forever 21. She paired her blouse and jacket with a pair of purple-gray cargo pants that were tucked into soft gray ankle boots. The color of her pants and boots complemented her shirt, but contrasted her jacket, which created a striking blend of colors. To top off her brilliant color scheme, she wore a tie-dye scarf, garnet red chandelier earrings and a Hamsa necklace all purchased in Morocco.

I am thrilled to introduce this Fashionista’s look because it embraces hippie culture and gives me a refreshing glimpse back into time. Her style reminded me of why I love the carefree ‘60s and ‘70s fashion so much. If you have fallen in love with this look too and want to try it out, start by putting on a peasant blouse. Peasant blouses are based off of traditional European peasant attire. They are thin (typically made out of rayon), looser in fit and usually have embroidery on the front.

If you are feeling really bold and truly wish to reflect ‘60s and ‘70s fashion, throw on a pair of bell-bottom jeans. These jeans are just starting to reappear back into modern fashion, however skinny/slim fit pants are still dominant (and will also look great with your peasant blouse).

The highlight of this outfit, in my opinion, is the jewelry. I love this Fashionista’s Hamsa necklace because it adds so much more funkiness to her outfit. In addition, her tie-dye scarf epitomizes hippie fashion. Adding unorthodox accessories to this outfit will make it even more groovy (yup, I did just use the word “groovy”), so feel free to be completely random in your choices.

The moral of the story is to be inspired by history. After all, majority of the hottest trends nowadays comes from the past. Be nostalgic, be influenced, be fashionable.


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