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So I think a lot of us love to wear floral print skirts and short dresses in the spring and summer, or at least I definitely do. Often in vibrant colors or pastels, floral print clothing is cute, feminine and perfect for warm weather. But once fall and winter come around we have to shove the colorful prints to the back of our closets. Let’s be real, we sadly send them home to make room for our coats and sweaters in our small dorm, or apartment, closets. Except, what if we could carry the nature-inspired print into the colder months?

This Fashionista does just that with her edgy dark floral jeans. The light pink, mint green and white flowers, branches and birds add earthy hints to a fall-appropriate black pair of jeans. She perfectly pairs the eye-catching pants with a solid black T-shirt, a black tote and black sneakers to keep the attention on the awesome print. This Fashionista even incorporates another popular trend into her look with wedged sneakers. Still, the trendy shoe choice doesn’t take away from the print pants. This slightly romantic, yet edgy floral look is guaranteed to catch the attention of people walking by on a rainy day even if their heads are buried under umbrellas.

To get this Fashionista’s look, try a similar dark floral print pant or jean. Pair it with a solid top, solid shoes and minimal accessories. To add even more edge, look for different textures, such as a raised velvet floral print on a pair of jeans. As the weather gets even cooler, pair the pants with tall black boots and a black sweater. For other fall floral ideas, try a dark floral dress paired with a sweater, tights and boots or wear a solid-colored outfit paired with a floral print blazer. Accessories are also a great way to incorporate this edgy fall print. Look for a floral purse or scarf with a black background.

The dark floral print can add romance, a little punk rock and a whole lot of edginess to any fall outfit. Many of us lean toward darker colors as the sun sets earlier and the days get shorter, but if you aren’t ready to say goodbye to spring and summer clothing incorporate some florals into your dark fall wardrobe for a happy compromise!


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