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It’s astounding what immense symbolism is attached to the first day of January. For many cultures it marks the beginning of a new year, which in turn implies the beginning of a new chapter of our lives. Although it’s just another day on the calendar, the optimist within us sees it as a clean slate ­— a chance to change ourselves for the better. Many of us tend to forget our New Year’s resolutions by the beginning of February, but it’s that shimmer of optimism that inspires us to make goals, regardless. Therefore in light of the New Year I’ve decided to propose a resolution for my fellow Fashionistas.

There has been an undeniable shift towards a darker and edgier side of fashion in the past couple of seasons — the current season is no exception. However, this trend evolution towards the edgy seems to collide all too often with the notion that true elegance can only be achieved through delicate, overtly feminine style. Not only do I find this view outdated, but I also find it outrageous. This week’s Fashionista proves how unfounded this sartorial segregation is, by showing that even bold, modern looks can exude elegance.

From her monochromatic ensemble, to her strong, geometric haircut, this Fashionista exemplifies what it means to look effortlessly cool. With her slouchy, half-tucked sweater, chunky-heeled boots and asymmetrical accessories, she channels an alluring, rebellious attitude. Outfits composed entirely of black pieces are traditionally associated with the punk and Goth subculture, but black is also one of the most sophisticated colors in high fashion. This makes black the perfect hue to contribute both boldness and elegance to a look. More importantly, take note of the silhouettes that this Fashionista chose. The looseness of her sweater combined with the easiness of her black tube skirt make the look so nonchalant, yet the high waist and ankle-grazing hem of her skirt create ladylike proportions.

To follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps, opt for this skirt from American Apparel and pair it with a simple drape-back shirt. If you prefer to show a little more leg, balance the bare skin in this NASTY GAL shape-shifting maxi with a slouchy black turtleneck on top. For a bit of a splurge I absolutely adore this asymmetric, color-blocked alternative by Helmut Lang. When it comes to accessorizing, a sense of adventure can go a long way. With a monochrome ensemble in particular, you can afford to wear pieces that are unconventional. Take for example this Fashionista’s earrings and wishbone necklace — although understated, they’re far from common.

With this Fashionista as your inspiration, my New Year’s resolution for you is to be fearless in your street style conquests. Shatter your pre-existing style boundaries and expand your definition of elegance. Dark, bold looks are not reserved for rock stars and anarchists — they’re meant for Fashionistas who fear nothing more than looking ordinary. This year join the dark side and live your life boldly, on the sartorial edge.


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