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Spring fashion may often incorporate vibrant colors and bold hues, but neutral color schemes will never be considered “out”. Tan tones are still in style because of their understated classiness and wearability. Mint skinny jeans and saturated tribal prints are all the rage but may someday be an obsolete trend. If you incorporate earth tones into your wardrobe you will always have chic pieces to choose from.

This Fashionista is fresh for spring 2014 in her array of neutral tones. February in Malibu means rolling fog and breezy weather, so this student made sure her outfit was weather resistant. She chose to sport a fitted khaki jacket in order to protect her from the misty ocean air and scattered showers. This jacket provides a break from the wild and loud colors of the season.

Under this timeless coat lies a formal yet wearable pairing. This Fashionista’s black pencil skirt and white blouse bring sophistication to the outfit as she can easily remove her jacket when for an event or event or dinner at a restaurant. While the black skirt may seem to contrast the earthy tone palette of the rest of the outfit, it instead ties together the variety of lighter colors. To assure black’s place in the ensemble she accessorizes with a black beaded necklace.

The most charming aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit is her choice to wear patterned green stockings. They reflect the beautiful greenery of this college campus, while giving her sleek outfit a twist. The fairy-like feel of the worn in, plant printed tights proves that an outfit can be eye-catching without being composed of neon colors.

This student has incorporated variety of textures and saturations in her outfit, so she decided to wear a pair of beige heels (celebs also love this look!). Her pumps match her khaki jacket which are the only two “matchy-matchy” pieces of her outfit. Instead of seeking subtleness in her earthy tones, this Fashionista has spiced up the “natural” look.


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