STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Earth Tones And Textures

Style Advice of the Week

If I was to tell you that wearing a full outfit in colors that are all neutral and within the same color palette is interesting, what would you say? It might not sound incredibly eye-catching, but by just taking a look at this Fashionista, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. While normally, an entire outfit in earth-tones is not really something we might think of as interesting and fun, when done in a smart way it can make for an exciting eye-catching ensemble.

Textures are highly important when there is lack of prints and colors and so is creating contrast in between them. Mixing pieces with delicate and soft textures such as cotton or silk with rougher materials, such as leather, will ensure that no matter in what color they are worn in, the pieces will look interesting enough together to make a statement.

This Fashionista is wearing a caramel colored, button-down leather top with light brown harem pants. She decided to break away with the earth tones and wear her accessories in the ever so trusty black. Her big, black, oversized bag is the perfect item for any college student and is ideal for great storage. She is also wearing a pair of loafers that help the entire look seem incredibly comfortable and casual, but at the same time chic. Aside from that, the fact that everything she is wearing is in earth tones and neutral colors is that they do not overpower her, but instead complement the outfit and look simple and elegant on her. So give earth tones a try if what you want is to be eye-catching and interesting with simplicity.


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