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As the era of crop tops and peplums comes to an end—cut short by something like common sense or perhaps just winter weather—a new trend is being ushered into collegiate wardrobes: stripes. That’s right. When the gods of New York Fashion Week mounted their autumnal perch and spoke to us through the stark white catwalks, they heralded stripes as the biggest trend moving into spring. That portent is already coming true here in Chapel Hill as Carolina girls flaunt color-block hems and flounce around in candy stripes.

As exciting as trends initially are, one of the woeful realities is that trends tend to lose their sense of character when they are adopted by the majority. What was once avant-garde and only worn by the too-cool fashion cognoscente eventually trickles down to the masses and becomes unremarkable. Still, as every Style Guru knows, the key to effectively rocking trends is not to just adopt them. It’s to adapt them.

Quirks are what make an outfit pop, and this Fashionista is a firework. The highlight of her outfit is her beige, striped cardigan. This particular piece of outerwear makes for a modish defense against inclement weather and is accented by a stark white tank top, deepening the hue of the brown. A blue railroad stripe scarf also contrasts with the cardigan, creating a flattering interplay of color and asserting that this Fashionista is not afraid to experiment. Skinny jeans, a braided belt and brown Oxfords garnish her outfit, and the result is a look that blends both prep and beatnik to create a uniquely inimitable style.

Without a doubt, this Fashionista has earned her stripes. If you want to play up yours, try experimenting with textures and patterns. Don’t be afraid to break away from the “matchy-matchy.”


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