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That’s it; I’m buying overalls. After being quite wary of the resurgence of these denim onesies, I think I’m finally ready to plunk down some cold hard cash for my own denim tank. And, styling them is as easy as can be. Take notes from this Fashionista, and throw on your oldest, softest T-shirt (bonus points if it’s a tad oversized or patterned). Finishing touches like coordinating socks, a couple hand-made bracelets and a pair of cool ankle boots add personality and really complete the look.

This Fashionista proves that you don’t need a full-blown flower crown to tap into your inner flower child. Pin a flower to those wispies right behind your ear, or stick one into a loose pony or braid. I love to pluck flowers from my garden or even from the side of the road and stick them behind my ear. Dandelions and clovers may be considered weeds, but their tiny flowers work perfectly to add to that effortless albeit super stylish vibe.

How could I talk about this Fashionista’s style without mentioning her amazing locks? Forget streaky highlights; the color of the summer is one-dimensional, be it deep mahogany brown or bleached-to-the-max platinum blonde. Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss and Laura Brown of Harper’s Bazaar are two of my favorites rocking blonde tresses and looking oh-so-good doing so. If you’re feeling extra gutsy, go for the pixie cut. Along with this Fashionista, J-Law and Garance Doré have proven the look can be super chic and effortless.

Ah, the end is nigh. Finals are upon us and sweatpants are in heavy rotation. In gorgeous weather, it can be tough to focus on studying, but try lugging those books outside. Fresh air works wonders. I also firmly believe in the adage “dress well, test well”. I’m not talking cocktail dresses and heels (though to each his/her own); I’m talking something aside from the sweatpants and free college T-shirts that indubitably fall into heavy rotation during this time of year. One needn’t sacrifice comfort for style, as this season’s trends (read: sneakers, midi skirts, boyfriend jeans) heavily evidence. So, grab those overalls and hit the books, and before you know it it’ll be sweet, sweet summertime.


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