STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dressed For All Occasions

Style Advice of the Week

A typical day in the life of a college student usually involves more than just class. Most of my friends go from lectures in the morning straight to their internship or job in the afternoon. After this comes volunteering, student organization meetings and study dates at the library. With a full day of activities, how are you supposed to dress appropriately for every occasion? When I saw this Fashionista bustling between class and her internship, I had to snap a picture of her put-together look that fits her entire day’s agenda.

I really admired how this Fashionista created a comfy but classy outfit that showed off her personality and style. With an internship and presentation in her day, she could’ve opted for a boring business casual look, but instead put together an ensemble that is unique and allows her to be comfortable for hours. Her outfit starts out with a pair of gray jeggings that are stretchy enough to run around campus in but can also be easily dressed up for work. She paired them with a patterned black and white blouse that buttons up the front. The addition of her winter white blazer takes this cute-for-class outfit and gives it a business casual touch. I love the white, black and gray neutral colors of her outfit and the way the simplicity of her blazer balances out the pattern in her top. She added sensible accessories like a watch and a simple gold necklace with a green pendant. My favorite part of her outfit is her shoes. This Fashionista chose comfort over color scheme and wore a pair of leather lace-up work boots that carried her around campus with more ease than a pair of flats or heels ever could have. This stylish addition makes her outfit stand out in all of her days activities and keeps her feet warm in the winter chill.

When making your own multi-purpose outfit, take a note of this Fashionista’s stylebook and pair classic, comfortable items with pieces that show off your personality. Corduroy pants, featured recently on Ralph Lauren and Gucci runways, are a great choice because the loose, soft fabric will allow you more movement throughout the day than jeans. On top, layering is the key to mastering a versatile day. Start with a fun, patterned blouse or T-shirt and pack a blazer to add for work or meetings. Try a white blazer like Fashoinista or go with a classic black or tan color that goes well with any outfit to make it instantly business casual-chic. To make this outfit your own, be adventurous but sensible with your accessories. Try a pair of Timberland boots to show you’re ready to get to work like this Fashionista or rock some cute tennis shoes to comfortably get from A to B.

Don’t change your outfit in between every stop of your day. Rock a comfy, classy look with a few additions to show off your personal style and you’ll be dressed for any occasion.


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