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Walking around campus during finals week is sometimes a depressing sight. The standard outfit seems to be gym clothes, accessorized with a Starbucks cup and a look of general exhaustion. We all understand; it’s hard to make time for fashion when exams and projects are consuming our every thought. However, I am here to tell all of you that dressing well makes you feel better. And when you feel better, you test better.

I can’t give you any statistical evidence to support this statement, but I can tell you that dressing well for exams has always made me feel more confident for any occasion – and especially on exam days.

I spotted this Fashionisto on a day when most University of Florida students were either taking exams or studying for them. I spotted her bright, patterned skinny jeans right away; they are certainly hard to miss in a sea of neutral leggings and running shorts.

Patterned or colored skinny jeans are an easy and comfortable way to add style to an outfit for any exam or test. Try pairing them with a neutral top to balance out the look. This option from Gap would go well with any pair of bold skinnies.

As for shoes, this Fashionista is right on trend with her white Converse. Personally, these are my favorite shoes to add to outfits lately. Not only are they trendy and versatile, they are incredibly comfortable. Of course, this makes them the perfect solution for a day of trudging between exams and libraries.

Whatever your sense of personal style may be, there is always a way to create a functional, fabulous outfit to wear to a final exam. It may seem like a lot of time or effort to put together an entire look, but the end product will be more than worth it. You’ll look good, feel good and test well as a result. Sounds pretty ideal, right?

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