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We all feel the flurry in the air, the darting black clouds, and the stripping cold breeze consuming us, pushing us to the brink to bundle up.  These dark days cast a haze on our newly achieved Bonné Année, we should be bouncing with a new season a head, but sometimes even the best Fashionistas get caught in drab.

As self-righteous style savvy individuals we must combat these dark dreadful days, and infuse our accessories with life and color. While slapping on dark wools and down jackets come now as second nature, please now take a step back and look at what accompanies your winter style.

Take your damp days now to a vibrant new you Fashionistas, and be proactive; one can easily pair neon’s with darks to winter pastels; this can be done by finding the appropriate outfit add-ons; like rich passionate red gloves, bold patterned scarves, neon cross bodies, color blocked bangles, to artful clackers. These little things can rejuvenate and make over your winter blues.

This Fashionista followed this one rule to a style success, stating she likes basics but loves one or two pieces of an outfit to draw visual and personality interest.

This week’s style advice inspirations stems from our leading Fashionista, she was sleek in her military inspired winters but popping the outfit with a bust of color in her vintage turquois purse. To achieve military chic she stuck with dark gray skinnies paired with a pea coat with sarginal detailing on the shoulder seams. To maximize her stride she opted for a brown lace up boot. Now comes for her color popping feminine flare, this Fashionista adds a beautiful vintage turquoise top flap bag with chocolate face detailing to add to its opulence, while the purse adds the focal point the burgundy faux-fur collar adds all the more luxury in everyday style.


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