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What comes to mind when you think of polka-dots? Minnie Mouse, Betty Boop, your Great-Aunt Gertrude, Cath Kidston, men’s fashion ­­­­­­­­­­­—wait what? Yes, I said it! With the increasing movement towards embracing one’s quirky side, polka-dots are making their point on some of our favorite men’s outfits (how you doin’, George Clooney?), and even on some of our favorite designers.

With Harper’s Bazaar proclaiming polka-dots as one of the trends to be on the lookout for in spring 2014, they have fully been endorsed on the runway with designers such as Dolce&Gabbana and Burberry. Once it may have been the go-to choice for playful tweens, but now polka-dots are rapidly becoming a big trend even for elegant women like Jessica Alba, Dakota Fanning and Alessandra Ambrosio. However, the real treat comes from the men’s side as we see Fashionistos like this one artfully adapting their newly discovered spots to their daily attires.

Another look that I am currently loving on men are khaki pants. Don’t you just love a clean shaven man, in rolled up khaki pants and preppy boat shoes? That’s exactly what this Fashionisto uses to anchor down his sunny polka-dots. As a result, an understated and more masculine feel is established in the overall look. Also, despite multiple prints being difficult to pull off successfully at the best of times, the unexpected combination of camouflage sneakers seems almost meant to be in this case.

Where big, bright spots can come off just a tad too attention seeking, the key point for guys attempting to own this pattern (without making too loud of a statement) would be to opt for smaller dots in darker or more neutral colors— à la Mr. Styles.

For a more youthful and casual version of this look, switch with one of these polka-dotted polo T-shirts from Peter Werth or Brooks Brothers. These look great worn buttoned all the way up, and paired with slightly tapered jeans and sneakers. Pop on your basic Wayfarers and boy—you are ready to be spotted!



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