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Living in Pittsburgh my whole life, I realized the necessity of a rain-resistant jacket before reaching college. For those who have migrated from warmer climatic regions, however, outerwear is usually a forgotten component of his or her wardrobe. That is, until your only option is to walk to class during a thunderstorm. This fall, do not wait for the storms to hit! Be prepared with a rain-resistant jacket and boots. Along with myself, this native Pittsburgh Fashionista knew exactly how to avoid the dampness.

Since the day was filled with gray clouds and constant drizzling, this Fashionista’s Hunter rain boots and Cole Haan windbreaker jacket made for an impeccable combination. Even more so on rainy days, a Fashionista’s/o’s motivation to get all dolled up is commonly evaded. The dreary weather facilitates the cohesive decision for us all to dress in ease. This Fashionista was obviously knowledgeable of this information as she dressed in classic black leggings and an olive green sweater. Considering the humidity, in addition to the rain, she kept her hair in natural form. The outfit was finally accessorized with stud earrings and a pendant necklace.

When it is too hot for leggings, substitute with jean shorts and accessorize with over-the-knee socks. Other options include wearing boat shoes instead of rain boots, or a short-sleeved tunic instead of a sweater. Last but not least, if you prefer outerwear other than the windbreaker, a trench coat or long raincoat would be a durable purchase.

The gloomy weather may influence unfortunate moods as we are forced to walk around campus so brighten your day with a chic umbrella that will grab surrounding attention! Fashionable outerwear is essential in keeping an upbeat mentality as well as keeping dry!


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