STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Don’t Get Over Overalls

Style Advice of the Week

The snow is here at Kent State University and although the Golden Flashes campus has never looked more whimsical and North Pole-esque, it certainly plagues the students. Finals are upon us, which means the students at Kent State are more mobile than ever. Just in the next few days, I have three group meetings, a study group and three microeconomics review sessions. These are all in different buildings sprinkled around campus. Unfortunately my vehicle (capsule of warmth) cannot make it out of my icy driveway.  It looks as though I’ll be that girl sprinting across campus with watery eyes, a runny nose and a crackled chapped face. Breathtaking image, right? Oh well, I know the rest of the student body is in the same boat as I am.

While making my 12-minute walking commute to my study session, I came across a Fashionista that wasn’t struggling with the elements nearly as much as I was. No, this week’s Fashionista was a wearing a garment that I have always pined after. Being a denim enthusiast, my heart was nearly palpitating when I saw my first pair of overalls on campus. She rocked them. In addition to her one garment wonder, the Fashionista wore a white T-shirt and a black cherry colored leather jacket. I absolutely love the color pop of the jacket. It gave this classic look a new twist. Not only was her outfit fantastic, but also her accessories were on point as well. She wore a pair of brown boots, midi rings, a gray beanie, a neon yellow necklace, a tan bag and a pair of brown keyhole sunglasses. This Fashionista has the makings for an outfit that would make it into my “Ensemble Hall of Fame.” You don’t need to have the most cutting edge garments in order to make heads turn. This Fashionista proved that an excellent ensemble is all in the way it is styled. For example, I loved the way she had one pant leg rolled up higher than the other. It’s quirky. It’s unique. It’s this Fashionista, and she wouldn’t have her style be any other way.


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