Style Advice of the Week

Fashion is a form of expression and this Fashionista decided to do just that. She was all about comfort, but she expressed herself in her own trendy kind of way. I appreciate her for potentially starting her own trend with worn out and holey shoes.

You all know that I love a good scarf and it is a fact that they can take any outfit, whether it was put together in two minutes or twenty minutes, and make it lovely and trendy.

This Fashionista so bravely wore her worn out Vans, black skinny jeans, a cream colored tank top and a patterned scarf. Although I can talk about her scarf for days, I want to talk about her top. The back of her tank top was my favorite because there was a lace detail. There is no need to go for an exact replica, just go for something with some kind of detail anywhere because it adds a type of lightness and class. Also, who doesn’t love neutrals? They’re absolutely flattering. The perfect substitute for this top would be the Heathered Lace-Trimmed Tank from Forever 21 with the lace detail on the bottom. This top is perfect because it not only looks comfortable but it is also pretty and fun.

There is an outstanding amount of compatibility that comes from a patterned scarf and a top with details. If you want a look similar to this one, go for the recommended top and a fun patterned infinity scarf. Lastly, her sunglasses made her look so cool and if you’d like a similar pair, you can buy the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic.

My STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK is don’t be afraid to wear what makes you feel comfortable but don’t be afraid to mix something like lace with checkered print.


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