STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Denim With A Bit More Denim

Style Advice of the Week

A few years ago an all denim ensemble would be enough to make all of us Fashionistas cringe. Even though the denim on denim look has taken off in the past few years, being seen on the runway and plastered all over street-style blogs, it is still a trend that can go entirely wrong if you don’t follow a few simple rules.

I’m all about bending the rules in fashion and stepping outside the figurative box but breaking too many rules can sometimes be a disaster. Denim on denim is already a risk in and of itself so you don’t want to over do it by making your denims too matching or somehow tripling your denims. However, this week’s Fashionista shows that double denim can in fact be done right with a few little tweaks.

She chooses a simplistic, short-sleeved, chambray shirt and a pair of basic blue skinny jeans for the core of her denim on denim look. The short sleeves is a good option as it means she isn’t amassed in a sea of blue denim which is never a fetching look. She also makes a smart decision in keeping her skinnies darker than the shirt. Both choices help to break up the denim and not look like she could be wearing some sort of odd all-in-one denim ensemble.

One key rule of denim on denim that this Fashionista follows is the statement accessory. In her case her accessory is her gorgeous pair of Michael Kors wedges as they add a little sprinkle of color in an outfit that could otherwise be considered mundane. A bright colored necklace, bag or sunglasses can work to the same effect too.

The best thing about denim on denim is how easy it is to put together. Everyone has a pair of skinny jeans and most people have chambray shirts too. Just make sure they’re different shades of denim and that you have some fun accessories to throw on with the outfit and then you’re good to go! Also, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can invest in full-length denim overalls or short denim overalls that can easily be made chic with a few little tweaks such as a cropped top underneath or the right pair of brightly colored sandals.

A fashionable denim on denim outfit can be achieved with the knowledge of the right tricks of the trade!


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