It doesn’t take long before the novelty of being back in class wears off. Sure, it is fun for the first few weeks to see what friends are in your lecture, try to secure that cute guy as a lab partner and get really energized about the syllabus. But after a while, it’s just class as usual and you find yourself living for the weekend.

This Fashionista is ready to take on the weekend in style. You never know what unexpected plans your weekend may bring you. Perhaps you have a brunch planned with your besties. Or maybe you find yourself in possession of a last minute ticket to a concert. No matter where your weekend takes you, you can never go wrong with a casual dress, like this Fashionista. Her bohemian-inspired frock is the perfect getup for an early fall Saturday filled with errands, brunches and more. The black mixed with the pink details makes the kaftan neither overly casual or dressy. It is the perfect balance.

The bohemian print really acts an anchor for the rest of the look. She enhances the ensemble by pairing it with a fedora and strappy, gladiator sandals. I love that she embraced the white and ivory color palette even after Labor Day. Even though the holiday has come and gone, a real Fashionista knows that white is acceptable year round if styled correctly. Bonus, after Labor Day, it is easy to find amazing white shoes on sale. Score one for savvy Fashionistas!

As you sit in class and daydream about your weekend plans, be sure to start crafting the perfect outfit in your head. Use this Fashionista as a guide and you are set to take full advantage of whatever your Saturday has in store.

One Simple Change: Her oversized, turquoises tote is the perfect bag for a long day of errands. But as you head out for a girls’ night, switch it out for a clutch or cross-body bag to make the look more evening appropriate.


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