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As a preteen, I went through a phase where everything I wore had to match. Not just coordinate, but match exactly. If I was wearing a black and pink shirt, I had to wear black jeans, pink accessories and pink and black shoes. This need for everything to match perfectly meant that it was impossible for me to indulge in the then-current denim on denim trend. It bothered me to no end if my jean jacket did not match my jeans and it was nearly impossible for my mother to find denim pieces that matched to my liking. It was a tragic time for everyone involved but luckily, it is now in the past.

I am happy to see that the denim on denim trend is back now that I’ve progressed past my near-neurotic color obsession and I look forward to seeing the many ways people will wear it this season, especially since the last time the trend was in, this happened. Yikes.

One way to rock the denim on denim look is to go monochromatic like this week’s Fashionista does and like preteen me would have preferred. Her look is completely solid all the way down to her muted cobalt blue oxfords, but she breaks up the monotony by sporting a graphic tee under her unbuttoned chambray shirt.

An alternative would be to do a bit of mixing within a single color family. A light blue chambray shirt tucked into a pair of deep indigo skinnies is instantly chic and not at all gaudy or garish. You can mix it up even more by pairing colored or printed denim with normal blue denim.

If you’re not quite ready to wear two separate pieces, you may want to go for a “denim-blocked” piece like this shirt or these jeans. To accomplish the allover denim look in just one step, try denim overalls or a jumpsuit.

There are endless ways to wear denim on denim. Why not try them all?


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