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After a dreadful winter in the Midwest, the first site of sunshine and warm weather brings campus back to life! Although it may not be warm enough for bare legs yet, this Fashionista gave her own chic alternative.

I remember the first time I saw tights under denim, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but it takes a fun spin on a casual look. This style also gives you a way to wear your favorite denim shorts past the hot summer months. It adds some edge to her look, all while keeping her appearance appropriate for the beginning of spring chill.

When deciding on what kind of top or shoes to wear with the denim/tight duo I would definitely stick to articles similar to what she is rocking. You don’t want it to be too casual but also not too dressed up at the same time. A loose-fitting chiffon top in a neutral color or a graphic T-shirt would be perfect for this kind of style. I would also stick with dark tights such as black, navy or gray. You want to look put together, and a vibrant color could make your look very busy.

As far as shoes go, stick to some kind of boot. I would go with a combat boot, or a short ankle boot with a heel. You can add so much to an outfit with a little height.

This is a look I encourage all Fashionistas to try. It’s fun, it’s fashionable and it’s a great collaboration for any shape or size!


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