Sometimes the best way to change your mood is to let yourself embrace it. I found this Fashionisto in a nature park. Unlike the flowers around him, he was not in a colorful mood. So he decided to embrace it and go for a darker palette.

Here he’s wearing a black beanie, a black turtleneck shirt, a puffy black vest, some camouflage skinny jeans and black Dr. Martens boots. Instead of choosing to go all black, he made his camouflage pants a point of contrast. This was a fantastic idea because his outfit doesn’t become overwhelming and the pants still give out the edgy vibe he’s going for.

This Fashionisto maintained his chic and put together style while also conveying his mood. What’s the key to this you may ask? It’s subtlety.  Being in a bad mood does not justify bringing out a spiked collar and Goth makeup. The same thing goes for being in a good mood (keep those sparkly Katy Perry lollipop dresses in your closet please). Don’t let your mood take over your sense of style. You’re still doing you, just a different version of you.

Say one day you’re in a flirty mood, but your style is fairly sporty. Don’t throw on a dress, or skirt if you’re not comfortable in them. Choose a cute blouse and some skinnies that make you feel good. If you feel like you’re exuding your mood through your outfit, you probably are.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to embrace yourself. Embrace your moods and embrace your own style. Don’t try to hide from either of them. Lying about how you feel and who you are isn’t going to do you any favors. So if being in a bit of a darker mood means you’re going to break out your Dr. Martens, then go for it; they match with practically everything anyways.

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