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A little can often go a long way. Add a turban headband to an outfit and it becomes more boho-chic. Throw on your Dr. Martens and you’ve added a touch of punk edginess. While accessorizing with shoes or headbands is one way to spice up an outfit, the details of an article of clothing also have the potential to add personality to an outfit. This week’s Fashionista took full advantage of the details in her outfit and used them to create a bold statement. While this Fashionista wore an outfit composed of basic pieces, the details in each piece were what made it a truly stand-apart set.

This Fashionista started her outfit with any college student’s favorite basic piece — black leggings. The shredded tears along the sides, however, made it a much bolder option than your typical pair of Lululemon leggings. Adding to the subtle edginess of her outfit, this Fashionista wore a two-toned sweater with an unexpected twist — leather shoulder panels. Her combat boots were a great way to tie in the texture from her sweater with the rest of her outfit, and the small studs along the cap and heel made her boots stand apart from your typical pair of all-leather boots.

While some of our favorite Fashionistas are known for being over-the-top with their looks (there is nothing subtle about Carrie Bradshaw), using subtle details in the clothing to define an outfit is a great way to stand apart while maintaining a classroom-appropriate look. This Fashionista created a stylish outfit that was both subtle and daring in detail.


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