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It used to be that if you spotted camouflage, you were most likely looking at a man in the military. What used to be worn as a personal protection against enemies is now a popular fashion trend. In the ’90s, camouflage started to appear on the streets and on the runways of high-end designers. I still remember the camouflage jeans I used to wear in elementary school and I’m sure most of you some camo clothing in your closet as a kid. Camouflage is back in style, and it’s one of fall’s hottest trend!

This Fashionista kept it casual on a beautiful day in London wearing a T-shirt, leggings, tall, suede boots, knitted scarf and a lightweight camouflage jacket.There’s a point where camo can become too much, so I would stick to wearing one item of camo in your outfit. I suggest buying key pieces of camouflage in your wardrobe and pairing it with neutrals. It can be worn as a neutral or a print, and there are many ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe. These pants are great if you want a bold piece in your wardrobe. If you are looking for just a small piece to wear, shoes is another great option. Camouflage doesn’t have to be in the typical green military color we all think of. This dress is camouflage print, but it is different because it has neon purple, yellow and black. Even though camouflage was intended for the purpose of blending in and hiding, today the trend is all about standing out!


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