STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Contemporary Cowboy

Style Advice of the Week

Often when people think style they immediately picture women’s fashion. It’s hard not to when women dominate the fashion world in a sense. I personally don’t follow the latest in menswear but I can’t help but notice when a guy has good taste (and yes, you can tell when it is their own and not the work of their mother or girlfriend). Although I don’t write for the LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS column, I have to give this Fashionisto credit for his cool, calm cowboy approach. I mean, just picture him with a cowboy hat and you have got yourself a modern day Paul Newman…with darker features. He makes the look his own and something that can be worn everyday since his outfit reflects today’s times not the gun slinging days depicted in western films.

There is something awfully refreshing about a new take on an old classic especially when it’s put together in a way that doesn’t apply to only one trend. His sweater certainly does not belong in the wild west but it is cozy and a little worn. It sort of reminds me of getting bundled up in a thick blanket under the night sky and looking up at the moon and stars. Alright I may be getting ahead of myself with the whole country living scenario but you get my reference; this sweater works. As for the tan suede vest, I couldn’t find one comparable enough to the James Tattersall vest that this Fashionisto is wearing. Luckily I came across a somewhat similar find: the River Island Riverwood Jacket, which isn’t rugged on its own but I think it could look the part thrown over a light denim button-down shirt. Of course no cowboy’s outfit is complete without a pair of leather boots. Frye has a wide variety of boots for men and women that are intentionally roughed up. The ones sported by this Fashionisto are the Philip Harness boot in cognac. Shoes are definitely of high importance to most guys and watches are right on par with them. I don’t know if it is because gents like to give off an air of affluence or if they really just like knowing the time but it’s a rare occurrence to see a man without his watch. This black Nixon watch is similar in style, size and price to the Michael Kors watch pictured.


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