STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Confidently Cropped

Style Advice of the Week

Have you ever noticed how a simple change of clothes can alter your entire persona? Like how twirl-worthy skirts make me feel like a princess or how tennis shoes and Nike shorts trick myself and others into thinking I’m athletic. Well that’s definitely the case with this week’s Fashionista. Seeming perfectly confident on her own, the floral crop top appears to have boosted her level of boldness, proven by her sassy hand-on-hip pose. Ironically, you’re probably thinking crop tops guarantee self-consciousness or overexposure. Believe me, I too once suffered from midriff-exposure-phobia, but if worn appropriately, we can all look and feel as confident as this here stylish Fashionista.

Crop tops don’t mean you have to bare all. One way to feel less exposed is to pair a crop top with a cover-up like this Fashionista did with her cropped chambray button-down. I like how it not only makes the outfit more casual, but balances the lighter portion on top with her leather, high-waisted skirt and black booties on bottom. Another consideration should be the placement and material of the crop top. Notice how the maroon, crochet portion reaches her neck while still unveiling a little bit of skin. Crop tops with frayed, mesh or crochet elements look trendy while giving the feeling of still being modest.

Once you’re feeling confident with crop tops, try exploring all its possible style options. For example, this Fashionista’s look would be perfect for a night out, but you could try a cropped, graphic T-shirt with distressed shorts for more laid back feel. In contrast, a cropped top with a matching skirt could be worn for a chic, monochromatic look. The number of personas crop tops can evoke are endless due to its versatile style possibilities; the key is to stick to style options you’re comfortable with and the confidence will come naturally.


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