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After attending what was possibly the greatest show I’ve ever been to, I’ve acquired a pretty severe case of post-concert depression. There’s nothing like going to see your favorite artist perform the songs you sing everyday with other people who appreciate these same songs. What better way is there to thank them than to look great at their concert?

This Fashionista is playing with two looks at the same time: feminine and edgy. She has on a flowy, black halter top that plays up her delicate features. For the edge, she pairs her girly top with burgundy, leather shorts and a pair of green Dr. Martens. Accessories are kept to a minimum with a simple necklace and silver watch.

This Fashionista’s outfit may be the perfect concert outfit since it is both practical and dressy. Seeing the concert was sold out and had 6,000 people in attendance, I think it’s safe to say that it was a little crowded. In total, the show lasted around five hours including line up. Imagine jumping around in heels for five hours; this would not be anyone’s cup of tea. This outfit allows our Fashionista to keep cool and comfortable amongst a massive amount of people.

If you’re wondering how to recreate both the practical and dressy nature of this Fashionista’s outfit, then look no further! I love the halter top mixed with the texutred bottom combination. I find halter tops so flattering and effortlessly dressy, while the textured bottoms bring some dimension to the outfit. Take this top from River Island and pair them with these shorts from ASOS for a look almost identical to this Fashionista’s. For some variation, change up the colors! This Forever 21 top paired with these NASTY GAL shorts brings the classic black and white combo together with the edginess of leather. For shoes, you can opt for a pair of Dr. Martens, but a pair of Converse All-Stars definitely serve as a great alternative.

With a halter top and textured bottom, you’re not just ready: you’re concert ready.


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