STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Complementary Combination

Style Advice of the Week

This week the weather in the Czech Republic has gotten colder and even a little gloomier. Regardless of the weather though, the city is always vibrant! The streets are filled with bustling cafes, bright colored buildings and unique architecture, yet they all seem to complement each other seamlessly. This Fashionista and former Style Guru took some inspiration from the streets of Prague while assembling her outfit. All it takes is a little texture and color to make anything come alive.

Who doesn’t love an oversized sweater? Being that it’s ten degrees out, layers and thick fabrics are a must! Luckily this Fashionista doesn’t let the sweater swallow her. She makes this super sized piece look super chic. The two-toned blue pattern is great for the season, its cool and wintery but bright and intriguing at the same time. The floral designs also create a great sense of texture and depth.

To complement her baggy look on top she wears tight leather leggings that flow seamlessly into her strappy black booties. This gives her a streamlined touch and accentuates her legs from underneath that bulk on top. Also the smooth look of the liquid leather against the buckles on her boots gives it a moto-feel and contrasts nicely against the soft knit.

Speaking of complements, who doesn’t love complementary colors? Matching can be tricky and creating the perfect monochromatic look for winter can get dull. The best advice I can give you for staying bright in gloomy weather is inspired by this girl: use complementary colors! The thick mustard beanie against her blue and black pieces is the perfect pop of color. Also this hat is just thick enough that it matches her sweater perfectly completing her slouchy and relaxed ensemble.

Many forget about using complementary colors with each other, but remember it’s a great alternative to color blocking and spices up any outfit instantly. To get a similar effect purple and yellow looks great too, especially when paired with darker staples. The moral of this story is don’t be afraid to mix and match weights, textures and colors because it will end up looking fabulously pulled together. Oh, and who can ignore how cozy she looks?


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