STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Comfort During Chaos

Style Advice of the Week

As college students, there is simply not enough time in the day. Our school week is regularly dedicated to attending class, turning in assignments, writing papers and studying for hours on end. In addition to these time-consuming tasks, many choose to be involved in other activities. We acquire a minimal amount of sleep, and sometimes no sleep at all. But at last, our winter break is right around the corner. All previous endeavors have led to this defining week of finals as our stress reaches its climax. To better cope with the pressure of finals, my styling advice revolves around comfort as well as keeping up your look after sleepless nights.

When I approached this week’s Fashionista, she was bracing herself for a 10-page paper due the next day! She brightened her bland mood with her cozy oversized holiday sweater and bow earrings. Keeping it easy, this Fashionista wore her favorite pair of yoga leggings and knee-high socks. The weather may have limited her choice of shoes, but the black leather boots finished the look to precision.

Simple black leggings have found their way into the hearts of every fellow Fashionista. After all, where would we be without this effortless trend? Whether it is a sweater, shirt dress or oversized flannel, leggings can be worn with essentially everything. Since the straight leg invites any boot choice, let the weather decide what you pick. Accessorize with modest jewelry that will not be bothersome during extensive studying and a comfortable scarf! Finally, Fashionistas can maintain focus by pulling their hair back in styles, such as a high ponytail, sock bun, hair clip, headband or even bobby pins.

Although I understand everyone’s anxious to get the week over with already, finish fall semester with a lasting impression. Captivate your peers through your unique taste in style. I wish all of you the best of luck as you take finals week by storm!


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