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While enthusiastically conversing with my old hall mate, to whom was absent from my life due to winter’s recess, I spotted an extremely observant and well-dressed student walking steadily towards the Student Center. With his pants perfectly rolled and shirt wrinkle-free, I could tell he was a well put together kind of fellow and I loved the color combination of his outfit. My friend and I gave each other our well wishes and parted ways just as my eyes stopped assessing every detail of this Fashionisto’s look. Right then, I went in for the kill; the Fashionisto was so kind and more than pleased to allow me to photograph him for CollegeFashionista.

After the success of one Gucci collection, the color block craze has claimed its rights to be one of the most beloved trends that is here to stay. Again, what drew me to his particular look was his fall-inspired colored clothing. This Fashionisto did not limit his color-blocking strictly to a candy-coated ensemble. He took the same ideas exhibited in spring and executed it for what seems like California’s coldest winter. These winter appropriate shades lighten the “all black everything” state of mind amongst the campus crowd. His outfit is successful not only because of the carefully chosen complementary shades of red and blue, but also because of the fit.

When it comes to color-blocking, make sure everything is cut to your body and fits properly to avoid looking like colored paint splatters on a blank canvas. For all the Fashionistas/os, always have a neutral shade to tone down your already eclectic outfit — this Fashionisto sports taupe shoes, drawing attention to his neatly pieced ensemble. To accomplish a look similar, try these Urban Outfitters’ bottoms, button-up and cardigan. And lastly, for a neutral shoe, look for something like these Nike’s. Color your winter just right!



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