STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Color, Color Everywhere!

Style Advice of the Week

Hello all! Can you believe that it is almost February! I’m pretty jazzed over here! Trust me it’s not because of the wonderful holiday with the candy hearts and the chocolate boxes, it’s because SPRING is just around the corner! So the fashion is going to be even more awesome with warm weather on the way!

This week’s Fashionista got the trend of colored pants to a T! I am loving her whole look this week! Some of you may think that colored pants are a thing of the past. Let me tell you that they are here to stay for a little while longer and they are totally fabulous! Just a word of advice for all of you in the cold that have fashionable outfits: Wear your jackets too!! This Fashionista was so excited that she braved the snow, but five minutes later we ran inside! She still looked awesome with chattering teeth!

One of my favorite things about colored pants is they are easy to wear! You really just need to compliment the pants with anything trendy, like this Fashionista did! She wore an animal print top that complemented the color of her pants and wore a necklace that also was on trend. What Fashionista wouldn’t be complete without a pair of warm boots for the winter either!

When wearing colored pants, like I said, it is all about easy! Don’t make it hard when you go to your closet and try to pick out the outfit! All you have to do is make your whole look complement itself!


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